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System for Life Guarantee The basic home security system includes:

  • Two door contacts to help sense anyone entering
  • One motion sensor helps detect movement inside your property
  • One touchpad that's as easy to use as a touchtone phone
  • One interior alarm siren to help warn you
  • Window stickers and yard signs help keep intruders off property

Theft Protection Guarantee
The Customer presenting American Detection Team with the ORIGINAL CERTIFICATE will be eligible to receive a reimbursement of up to Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00) of Customer's homeowners' insurance deductible (if any), if and only if ALL of the following requirements are met to American Detection Team's reasonable satisfaction: (I) the property loss was the result of a burglary that took place while Customer's American Detection Team security system was in good working order, connected to Monitronics' central station, and was "on," and while all of Customer's doors and windows were locked; and (II) the intruder entered the residence through a door, window or other area equipped with an Monitronics detection device and such detection device was not "by-passed"; and (III) Customer is not in any way in default under the American Detection Team Residential Systems Customer's Order; and (IV) Customer files a written claim with its homeowners' insurance company, and such claim is not rejected or otherwise contested by the insurer; and (V) Customer reports the burglary loss to the appropriate police department and obtains a written police report; and (VI) Customer provides American Detection Team with copies of the insurance claim report, the police report and proof of settlement by insurance carrier; and (VII) Customer certifies in writing to American Detection Team (by signing the ORIGINAL CERTIFICATE and presenting it to American Detection Team) that all of the foregoing requirements have been satisfied. Customer understands that presentation of the ORIGINAL CERTIFICATE signed by Customer is required and understands that American Detection Team reserves the right to reject any application for reimbursement that does not comply with ALL of the requirements. Photocopies or other reproductions of the Certificate will NOT be accepted. Subject to terms and conditions of the residential alarm services agreement between customer and American Detection Team.

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