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“We are so impressed with the outstanding services by your professional team. The representatives were most knowledgeable and (the) “no-pressure” security consultation was very useful. He explained our vulnerability to home intrusion and the locations for appropriate security devices and components for our house. We are very pleased with the expedient, professional handling of our new home security system installation. We talked to our neighbor, Ms. Kahn., she has expressed her interest in obtaining more information about American Detection Team, Monitronics, and possibly replacing her existing Protection One system with yours (American Detection Team). We recommended that your representative give her a call.

Again, thank you very much for a job well done.”

-- Mrs. Talbot and Family, Livermore, California

“Today we have more peace of mind, since our system has been installed. We have pets at home during the day and leaving them alone has been a concern of ours. We have been very satisfied with the American Detection Team's service for more than two years. During the initial sales call through the actual installation they have been very attentive to our requests. Unlike other systems we have had in the past the American Detection Team system is in use every day because it is so easy to activate with the key chain. Our pets, home and property are being protected while we are away from the house.

Much thanks goes to American Detection Team for their great service and attention to our needs.”

-- The Raimey Family, San Jose, California


“We never really thought about a security system before one of our neighbor’s house and garage was recently broken into, so we decided to have one installed. We have our house, a large garage and a RV storage building to protect. We did not want to take a chance that we might be next. We thought a system for us, might be very complicated and too expensive. Well, we called American Detection Team a Monitronics dealer to help protect our house and home. They were able to install a system that protected everything from intrusion and fire at a very reasonable cost!

Our system is very simple to operate and protects our home, garages and RV building twenty four hours a day! The neighbor now has one too from American Detection Team.

-- Gary Machado, Danville, California

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